Game Changing Technology

The conventional approach to human DNA identification requires days to weeks, highly skilled technicians, and a variety of sensitive, sophisticated, and expensive equipment that must be operated and maintained in the laboratory. NetBio's technology platform, which consists of instruments, biochips and analytical software, allows human DNA identification to be completed in world record time and eliminates all technical manipulations, transforming conventional laboratory manipulations into automated microfluidic (small volume) workflows. NetBio's products require neither a technical operator nor a special site of operation, taking DNA analysis by sequencing and fragment sizing out of the laboratory and bringing it to the field and the point of care. NetBio offers instrument and biochip design, development and manufacturing services in the fields of microfluidics and nucleic acid analysis, as well as computer software services for the creation, analysis, storage, maintenance and security of biochip and instrument data. NetBio's team of engineers and scientists consult with clients in all areas of instrument and biochip design to create the best product for each desired application.
The advantages of NetBio's Rapid DNA Analysis products, services and technologies include:

Field Forward Operation

For certain forensic, homeland defense, and military applications, the RDA system must be operable in the field. Accordingly, the instruments have been designed so that they can be placed almost anywhere and are capable of transport whether hand-carried, driven by car, or transported by air. Similarly, the products are being designed to withstand and function under environmental extremes including temperature, humidity, and airborne particulates.

Time to Answer

In general, the faster that results becomes available, the more they can contribute to critical military, forensic, homeland security, and intelligence decisions, so long as the data is complete, accurate and reliable.

Non-Technical Operator

Current DNA sequencing and fragment sizing instruments are difficult to use and require highly trained operators. NetBio's products have been designed to be used by non-technical personnel. NetBio's goal is to allow RDA technology to be used anywhere, by anyone, at anytime, to benefit society.